Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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s003 Thanks

Thanks $8.90
Size H26mm W44mm

s280 Happy New Year

S280 Happy New Year
Size H24mm W33mm

s278 Happy Father's Day

S278 Happy Father's day
Size H42mm W33mm

s277 Happy Mother's Day

S277 Happy Mother's day
Size H42mm W35mm

s061 Sorry

S061 Sorry $8.90
Size H20mm W43mm

S048 Happy Birthday Block $12.50
Size H20mm W88mm

S274 Happy Anniversary

S274 Happy Anniversary $8.90
Size H18mm W75mm

S011 Happy Birthday Balloons

S011 Happy Birthday Balloons $13.70
Size H46mm W87mm

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S167 Happy Birthday 3 $8.90
Size H30mm W44mm

S253 Happy Birthday 4

S253 Happy Birthday 4 $$11.50
Size H25mm W70mm

S035 Happy Birthday

S035 Happy Birthday $8.90
Size H12mm W57mm

S036 Congratulations

S036 Congratulations $11.50
Size H13mm W80mm

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