Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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S225 Funky Fish

S225 Funky Fish $0
Hmm Wmm

S022 Brush Dolphin

S022 Brush Dolphin $9.90
H22mm W57mm

S047 Dolphin

S047 Dolphin $15.70
H53mm W80mm

Scallop shell

S089 Scallop Shell $12.50
H42mm W51mm

S075 Seaweed

S075 Seaweed $8.90
H30mm W21mm

S250 Anchor

SS250 Anchor $9.90
H36mm W32mm

S046 Dolphin Family $15.70
H57mm W90mm

S084 Starfish

S084 Starfish $11.50
H40mm W35mm

Ship's Wheel

S095 Ship"s Wheel $13.70
H48mm W48mm

S160 Fish in frame

S160 Fish in Frame $13.70
H45mm W82mm


S076 Compass $11.50
H32mm W32mm

Shell 1

S071 Shell1 $8.90
H23mm W38mm

Beach trio

S133 Beach Trio $17.70
H49mm W147mm

Shell 3

S070 Shell 3 $8.90
H26mm W36mm

S167 Tropical Fish

S167 Tropical Fish $12.50
H48mm W59mm


S108 Seaweed $11.50
H67mm W32mm


S085 Shell 4 $11.50
H41mm W42mm

S319 Japanese Fish $12.50
H77mm W38mm

S327 Seahorse

S327 Seahorse $13.70
H45mm W50mm

S400 Dolphin Stylised $13.70
H58mm W58mm

S430 Dolphin Stylised small
$11.50 H44mm W40mm

S410 Mermaid $13.70
H46mm W80mm

S283 Sailing Boat

S283 Sailing Boat $15.70
H87mm W57mm

S288 Lighthouse

S288 Lighthouse $15.70
H87mm W57mm

S282 Children's Sandcastles

S282 Children's Sandcastles $15.70
H87mm W57mm

Starfish 2

S650 Starfish 2
$8.90 H33mm W36mm

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