Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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S050 Rose $13.70
H58mm W60mm


S052 Fushia $11.50
H48mm W35mm

Flower, small

S024 Flower, small $6.50
H15mm W36mm


S051 Tulips $12.50
H65mm W45mm


S054 Reeds $7.90
H43mm W18mm

small fern

S055 Fern, small $7.90
H18mm W35mm


S053 Flower $11.50
H35mm W35mm

Pohutukawa tree

S107 Pohutukawa Tree $15.70
H65mm W74mm

Pohutukawa flower

S087 Pohutukawa Flower $9.90
H36mm W40mm

Vase of flowers

S126 Vase of Flowers $19.90
H110mm W93mm

Watering can roses

S093 Watering can Roses $12.50
H46mm W62mm

Rose corner

S130 Rose Corner $6.50
H17mm W17mm

Flower Border

S066 Flower border $12.50
H100mm W25mm

Silver fern small

S074 Silver Fern small
$9.90 H47mm W18mm

S073 Silver Fern $11.50
H67mm W25mm

Bouquet of Flowers

S124 Bouquet of Flowers $15.70
H75mm W65mm

Flower Square

S098 Square Flowers $13.70
H56mm W62mm

Flower Pot

S116 Flowerpot $12.50
H54mm W44mm

Just for you

S123 Just for you Flowers $15.70
H82mm W82mm

Daisy, Tiny

S132 Daisy, Tiny $6.50

S306 Kowhai $13.70
H58mm W55mm

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