Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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S002 Allegro

S002 Allegro $19.90
Size H 97mm W 84mm

S030 French Script

S030 French Script $18.90
Size H 89mm W 80mm

S001 Love Is

S001 Love Is $18.70
Size H 87mm W 80mm

S041 Shadow Leaf

S041 Shadow Leaf $13.70
Size H 62mm W 63mm

S039 Shadow 2

s039 Shadow 2 $9.90
Size H 35mm W 35mm

S038 Shadow 1

S038 Shadow 1 $13.70
Size H 56mm W 56mm

S127 Grid

S127 Grid $6.50
Size H 20mm W 16mm

S129 Grill small

S129 Grill small $7.90
Size H 20mm W 27mm

S128 Grill

S128 Grill $8.90
Size H 40mm W 30mm

S255 Friends
S255 Friends

S255 Friends $18.70
Size H 14mm W 45mm

S254 Birthday Prayer

S254 Birthday Prayer $12.50
Size H 45mm W 57mm

S437 Shadow 10mm

S437 Shadow 10mm $9.90
Size H 150mm W 10mm

S438 Shadow 6mm

S438 Shadow 6mm $9.90
Size H 150mm W 6mm

S440 Background Spirals

S440 Background Spirals $18.70
Size H 77mm W 100mm

S468 Background Spirals

S468 Background Spirals $13.70
Size H 47mm W 75mm

S499 Zigzag Border

S499 Zigzag Border $9.90
Size H 143mm 10W mm

S500 Zigzag Border small

S500 Zigzag Border small $9.90
Size H 140mm W 8mm

S496 Koru Double

S496 Koru Double $8.90
Size H 38mm W 20mm

S474 Spiral small

S474 Spiral small $7.90
Size H 17mm W 13mm

S457 Spiral

S457 Spiral $7.90
Size H 26mm W 18mm

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