Kiwi Stamping are manufacturers of Art Rubber Stamps; many of our stamps unique to New Zealand

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S205 Congratulations

S205 Congratulations Asian $7.90
H30mm W28mm

girl with flute

S193 Girl with Flute $17.70
H86mm W86mm

dancing girl

S199 Dancing Girl $17.70
H110mm W68mm

Kimono designed

S202 Designed Kimono $15.70
H78mm W61mm


S201 Kimono $13.70
H65mm W63mm

Asian Merchant

S197 Asian Merchant $11.50
H75mm W30mm

Dancing Girl small

S200 Dancing Girl small
$8.90 H45mm W30mm

Oriental Fish

S210 Oriental Fish $11.50
H34mm W66mm

Love, Asian

S206 Love Asian $8.90
H30mm W22mm

Asian Symbol

S203 Asian Symbol $7.90
H25mm W25mm

Happy Birthday Asian

S207 Happy Birthday Asian $8.90
H20mm W56mm

Happy Christmas

S208 Happy Christmas Asian $8.90
H20mm W56mm

I Love You

S209 I Love You , Asian $7.90
H18mm W45mm


S198 Bamboo $7.90
H46mm W13mm


S195 Wave by Fuji $15.70
H55mm W85mm


S211 Bonsai Tree $11.50
H47mm W47mm

 Temple gate

S196 Temple Gate $13.70
H55mm W64mm

Girl with Flute

S194 Girl with Flute small
$11.50 H45mm W45mm

Japanese Fish

S319 Japanese Fish
$13.70 H77mm W38mm

Japanese Lady small

S370 Japanese Lady $17.70
H104mm W60mm

Japanese Bird

S347 Japanese Bird $13.70
H80mm W44mm

Japanese Lady

S322 Japanese Lady small
$12.50 H58mm W34mm


S007 Fan $13.70
H50mm W75mm

Seasons Asian

S413 Seasons Asian $8.90
H64mm W8mm

Cherry Blossom

S414 Cherry Blossom
$7.90 H47mm W8mm

Japanese Story

S415 Japanese Story $14.70
H100mm W46mm


S459 Bamboo $9.90
H55mm W25mm

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